What is interesting about Tik Tok - features of the social network

What is interesting about Tik Tok — features of the social network

How tik tok differs from other social networks. Main characteristics of tick current. Is it possible to quickly gain popularity in this social network and how to make money here.

Tik Tok is one of the most popular social networks today. Many people register in it not only to watch other people’s videos, but also in the hope of gaining fame. Why is tik tok so attractive to today’s youth?

Features of Tik Tok

The social network tik tok was launched in 2016 and has since gained the interest of millions of active users.

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Tik Tok is one of the most used social networks today. The reason for this is both the unique format of the content published on the social network and its audience.

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The most active part of users are children and teenagers — 40%. According to Brand Analytics, the age of the target audience of tiktok is under 18.


Tik Tok is distinguished by the accuracy of the delivery of the content of interest. The principle of operation of the algorithms of this social network is similar to the algorithms of Instagram. However, in tick tock this moment is worked out much better.

Hashtags can be considered one of the main factors of ranking in tiktok. It is their regular use for content search that forms the recommendations section of this social network and sets trends.

The viewer’s reaction to the content forms his feed with high precision. And although in other social networks, likes, comments and reposts are also of considerable importance, in tick tok this system has been worked out much better.

Accounting for the time spent watching a video in tik tok is also involved in the formation of recommendations. Obviously, tiktok will offer you to watch a video that is similar to the one that was watched to the end, rather than the one that was not watched until the middle.

Thus, we can conclude that real masters are engaged in the technical part of the social network. The principles of the algorithms inherent in almost all social networks have been perfected in a tick tock.